Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

Admissions and Registration

For workshop and program registration please the the program information or contact us

There are three ways to participate in eLearning at Virginia Tech:

1) as a degree-seeking student,

2) as a non-degree student taking courses for university credit,

3) as a student in non-credit, online training.

Students wishing to work towards a degree from a distance must apply for admission and be accepted into a program just like any on-campus student (note that Virginia Tech does not offer Bachelor's degrees from a distance). Students who simply want to earn credit for a class or two must apply as non-degree undergraduate or graduate students. Students taking non-credit training can register immediately. Read below for more information on these options.

 Degree-Seeking Students:

To be admitted to a degree program, you must submit an application to the program through the Graduate School. (Undergraduate degrees and admissions are not available.)

If you are already admitted and working towards a degree from Virginia Tech (either graduate or undergraduate), you must use the Hokie SPA to register for all credit courses, eLearning or otherwise.

Applying to Graduate School

Students are strongly encouraged to apply online. Applying online streamlines the application process and reduces processing time. . Applicants must pay a nonrefundable fee. Teachers and other school administrators in Virginia qualify for a special reduced tuition rate and can obtain the needed form here . If you need other forms for Graduate School, click here.

Test scores and transcripts should be sent directly to:
Graduate Admissions (0325)
Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown
Graduate School, Virginia Tech

 Non-degree Students:

If you are not interested in obtaining a degree at this time but simply want to take several courses for credit, you can be admitted to Virginia Tech under non-degree status status. IMPORTANT! Not all courses are open to non-degree students. Check the course descriptions for details before submitting an application.


Expedited Applicant

If you missed the online application deadline for the current term, the only application available to you is the Expedited application. The complete Expedited Application is due no later than the Friday prior to the start of classes for the semester in which you wish to enroll. The Expedited application is good for one time only and allows you to enroll in up to two courses for the current term. You must reapply for future term enrollment. Use the Expedited Application  Graduate School. (F-1 and J-1 visa holders are NOT eligible to complete the Expedited Application.)

Applicants should work closely with departments to ensure that they meet specific department deadlines and financial aid deadlines if applicable.

Basic Requirements

Requirements for each degree are different. Prior to applying, verify that you meet all the requirements and have taken all required tests.

Basic Deadlines

The application deadline to be considered for financial aid is January 15th of each year. International students must meet an early deadline of May 15 for Fall admission and October 15 for Spring admission. Each department may have their own deadline. It is recommended that you contact the department directly or contact the Virginia Tech Southwest Center for more information.

Prospective students seeking scholarships and loans should contact the Virginia Tech Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid for financial aid deadlines.